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I was finally drawn home to Gloucestershire by my now husband Alex, where I headed up a cookery school and developed specialist courses for chefs catering in ski chalets and on charters. From there I was a chef at Cheltenham's Flynn's Brasserie and only left to have a baby.

Never one for to sit still for long, whilst on maternity leave I furthered my cooking skills by taking a sugar craft course and learned how to make all manner of fabulous celebration cakes.

The rest, as they say, is history. Now a mother of two I set up 'Canapé to Cake' so that I can share my passion for creating delicious, good looking and innovative food.  I love making occasions unforgettably special.  So get in touch to see how we can help you create your food heaven!



Then - I met....


Lucie comes from a long history within catering, starting as a part time waitress in the local pub whilst studying Art & Design and creating all things beautiful in the world of upholstery and furniture .  

Her passion and talent for cooking became too advanced and frequent to unfairly keep within friends and family.  Constantly receiving such positive feedback  again and again it became too good to ignore so she got into event management and hosting for a well established local company.  Controlling all functions from birthday celebrations to weddings.  Overseeing all areas to the highest standard. 

Her fine eye to detail ensured that each occasion she looked after (as if her own) was well staffed, perfectly directed and breath takingly beautiful.  The same goes for her food.  Lucie is inventive and not afraid to experiment with a wide range of flavours adding great variety to our menus.  She makes each dish her own and her presentation highlights her talented flare.

Like me, she does this as well as lead a busy life with her husband and young daughter.  It just comes naturally.

I am privileged to have worked with her - as the humble waitress - over a decade ago, to now call her my business partner.  Together we form Canapé to Cake and cover everything from all things paper work to the exciting venue hunting and set up, meeting the clients to creating our famous dishes and satisfyingly impeccable service.  

We love what we do and we do what we love.  

Hi, I'm Hetty!

I set UP From canape to cake because i'm passionate about creating beautiful food.


From humble beginnings catering for residents and staff in a nursing home as a teenager, my career in catering has largely been self-taught. I went on to waitress in restaurants on leaving school, then ran away to Spain to seek adventure and to manage a boutique hotel where I was asked to cater private events, from birthdays to christenings through to larger events such as weddings.

From Spain I travelled the Mediterranean, cheffing on a super-yacht in Monaco, then went on to Cannes and Tuscany, amassing an extensive portfolio of recipes and cooking techniques as I went.